5 Doors Locker with Central Divider

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Size: L120*D50*H180 cm

SKU: FLW15. Categories: , .

Product Description

5-door dressing cabinet Sporco-Pulito


Steel sheet structure resting on feet
Vertical partition that separates dirty clothes from clean ones
Doors with loopholes and card holder
upper interior shelves
Clothes hangers

Code: FLW15

Dimensions (cm): Width 150 x Depth 50 x Height 180

Wardrobe for 5 people. Each compartment is equipped with a partition to separate the dirty clothes from the clean ones; upper shelf for objects; rod hang clothes with hooks. Each door is equipped with ventilation slots, card holder, towel holder, umbrella kit, cylinder lock with 2 keys supplied. The wardrobe is equipped with adjustable feet.

The wardrobe is supplied unassembled. Packaged in 2 packages (+ feet apart): collar 1, containing a 3-door module and neck 2, containing a 2-door module. Each module is “added” laterally to the other (3 + 2) with the interlocking system. The neck 2 contains a “double flank”, which is the connecting element between the individual modules and is positioned at the center of these. The frames and the backrests of each module are “stuck” on the double side and fixed with a few screws.