Condition of sale

To purchase online easily, please read the following terms and conditions carefully, please.


The seller DEOFFICE srl, which is located on Via Massimo Troisi, 51 to 81030 Orta di Atella.
VAT: 03687120612 P. IVA 03687120612


Customers, when making a purchase, declare that they have taken into consideration all terms and conditions.
According to the law of l206 /05 regarding distance selling, customers, once the purchase is made, will have a copy of this general sales conditions.
The validation of the order is valid as a validation of the general conditions of sale, any call is impossible.

Products informations on the Website:

The articles are divided into categories, if you click on the product name, you can see the product sheet where are shown the item code, description, manufacturer, price, technical specifications, and photos.
The photos on our site are very clear but sometimes it is possible that this one does not show perfectly the details and the size of the articles.
The product information is available on the manufacturer’s information documents, which may have changed technical details.
All prices are inclusive of VAT.
Please take consideration this information, prices may change without notice.
Anyway, when you buy an item on Fleda TRADING, the price shown on the site at the time of purchase, will not undergo any variation.
Fleda TRADING will not be liable for damages and injuries caused by errors in assembly made by customers and workers.
Fleda TRADING will not be responsible for any erroneous information on the data sheet, nor for the details of photos caused by mistake.

How to order ?

Orders can be made by e-mail to us.
Address (indicating customer’s first and last name, delivery address, items ordered and quantity) or, more simply, using the online site

To place a product in the basket, the customer can click on the purchase button or access the product page. If you see the details, you only have to choose the amount you want, then click on the Buy button; automatically the selected product will be added in the “basket”.
The customer can access the “basket” button at any time and the amount will be displayed in the top menu.
At any time, you can delete an item or change the quantity: the total sum is calculated in real time.

After completing your purchases, to confirm the order, the customer must, from the page “basket”, click on “Cashier”, passing the stage of registration or identification on our site:
• If the customer is not yet registered, they will have to enter these details, including an e-mail that will be used as an identifier to access the site later. “REGISTER NOW”: for previous orders, the customer no longer has to enter these details in the form and will also be informed about promotions and news.
• If the customer is already registered on our site, this one can connect directly by inserting his password. In case the customer has forgotten.
Go to the “Register / Login” tab, insert the e-mail address and obtain a new password with “Forgotten password”.
• You can make purchases without registration but the price display is reserved for registered users.

On the “payment” tab, the customer must specify the billing data (this data may be different from the data of the registration).

Once the order is confirmed, the customer will receive a confirmation by e-mail. The customer must confirm the data, and modify if necessary.
Fledatrading can choose to accept the order or not. If we do not accept this one, we will let you know.
Fledatrading will not pay for damages caused by a third party who is not part of Fledatrading’s staff.